Data Protection Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice contains important information to help you to understand how we, Advent Insurance Management Limited collect, use and share data about you. The notice is intended to help you understand:

  • Who we are
  • How we collect and use your data
  • How we share your data
  • Your rights
  • Other important privacy information

For the purposes of this Privacy notice, references to “we”, “us” or “our” refer to Advent Insurance Management Limited.

Who we are

Advent Insurance Management Limited (“AIM”) also trading as “” is a specialist claims, consulting, technology and end to end claim and insurance service provider focused on the global Delegated Underwriting community placing business with Lloyd’s and the London Company Market. The Company strongly supports the Market’s desire to make London easier to do business with and the company works closely with Managing General Agents/Coverholders (commonly referred to as “Coverholders”) and their underwriters to attract more business into the Market.

The company’s role and purpose is to embrace regulatory change and remove challenges to the Delegated Underwriting business model by providing claims and insurance service solutions that meet stakeholder operational, regulatory and reporting requirements.

The Company is Claims and Insurance focussed organisation. The Company has:

  • Established international TPA operations that can provide cross-territory compliant and uniform, best practice claims management and reporting services in the key territories where Lloyd’s and Company Market Coverholders reside
  • Developed a Lloyd’s and FCA compliant, straight through processing, claims management system for the Coverholders with delegated claims authority and their TPAs. The system is compliant with Lloyd’s Coverholder Reporting Standards Version 5 and Solvency II, Pillar 3 reporting requirements
  • Developed a Business Process Outsourcing solution for wider insurance services
  • Established a dedicated consulting capability to support its claims and insurance service offerings

Our global platform allows the Company to provide a common claims management IT platform, supported by a consistent and uniform service, in those geographies that account for the majority of the Delegated Underwriting business premium income being underwritten by Lloyd’s and the London Company Market.

How we collect and use your data

We receive your personal data from a number of sources including emails and letters that you send to us, through telephone calls with you and indirectly through your brokers, Coverholders and underwriters.  You are not obligated to provide us with your personal data but without it we will be unable to provide you with our services.

We collect personal data and where necessary/ applicable information known as sensitive personal. We may also monitor or record calls, emails, or other communications in accordance with UK Law.

We collect and use personal information to administer insurance policies through their lifecycles. It is in our legitimate interest to collect and use your personal information as we have contracted with the associated brokers, Coverholders and/or underwriters with whom you either have an insurance policy; or are a claimant to an insurance policy; or are connected with the investigation of a claim. It may also be necessary to collect and use your personal data to safeguard against fraud and money laundering, and to meet our general legal and regulatory obligations.

We do not hold your personal data for the purposes of marketing to you, directly or otherwise.

The personal data we collect and use, varies according to the class of business insurance and whether we are handling both policy and claims administration activities. The personal data includes:

  • Your first name(s) and surname to identify you as the policyholder and primary point of contact in relation to any quotes generated and policies purchased
  • Your address, postcode, email address and phone number to contact you about your insurance policy or send documentation relating to your policy
  • Your date of birth to verify that you are eligible for cover under the policy, and / or to check your identity
  • Your bank account number and sort code are collected to set up your insurance payments including claims made under your policy – where applicable
  • Your vehicle information – where applicable
  • The name, address, postcode, date of birth, claims and convictions history of any person named on the policy
  • Data about your contact with us, for example in phone calls, emails and letters
  • Information called sensitive personal data (where you have authorised to access) including your health status and medical records where it is necessary to fulfil obligations to settle claims

How we share your data

It is sometimes necessary to share your personal information with relevant third parties. We may share your information with:

  • Policy Third Party Administrators (“TPA”), Coverholders or brokers for administering the purchase and / or renewal of your policy
  • Claims TPA or Third-party experts for administering and investigating any claim that you have made under your policy
  • Underwriters as part of our contractual obligation to notify them of the risk they are underwriting
  • Regulators (e.g. the Financial Conduct Authority or the Information Commissioner’s Office for the UK) to aid in the reporting of any complaints
  • Law enforcement agencies for the prevention and detection of crime

Some data is held outside of the EEC in our supplier’s data centre in Miami.  All such data processed is compliant with all requirements of GDPR and self-certifies with the EEC through the US Privacy Shield Framework. Where you are an identifiable person outside of the EEC, your data may also be transferred outside of the EEC dependent upon the location of intermediary brokers, Coverholders and underwriters who are associated with your insurance policy and or claim.

We will keep your data for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which it was originally collected. Records shall be maintained containing all information required under all applicable laws and regulations for the time periods required under such laws and regulations; and for as long as brokers, Coverholders and underwriters require us to hold the data.

This enables us to help assist you, your broker, your Coverholder and or underwriter should there be any issues relating to your policy and related claims after expiry and otherwise meet our legal and regulatory obligations.

Your Rights

You have the right to:

  • Know what specific personal data we hold on your in our records, and request a copy of that data
  • Have your personal data corrected or removed if it is inaccurate or incomplete
  • Have your personal data deleted from our systems
  • Restrict the processing of your data
  • Object to the processing of your personal data, for example for communication or direct marketing
  • Have your personal data transferred to another company

Your data is not used for any automated decision making or profiling.

If you choose to restrict the processing of your data, we may not be able to continue to provide you with our services (whether this be insurance policy or claims administration).

We will comply with any restriction on the processing of your data unless fulfilling your request would reveal information about another person, or if you ask to delete information which we are permitted or required by law to keep.

Contact Us

If you would like a copy of some or all of the personal information that we hold about you, or to update or correct any of said information, write to the Finance and Operations Director, Advent Insurance Management Limited, 3 Lombard Street, London, EC3V 9AA


If you would like to make a complaint about our handling of your personal data, please contact the Finance and Operations Director at the address above and we will do our best to deal with the issues that you have raised as quickly and fairly as possible. If you are still unhappy you can complain to the Information Commissioners office through