Insurance customers’ expectations of service, speed, and value have increased significantly in recent years, so insurers, brokers, and claims professionals must change to meet them. Meanwhile reduced premiums, increased compliance, and growing claims costs place significant pressure on operating margins. But change projects in insurance regularly fail due to:

  • the cost of employing high-end consultants who often take time to fully understand the complexities of the market and the nature of the real problem
  • the tendency to jump straight to ‘silver-bullet’ technology solutions which rarely deliver the desired outcomes
  • the complexity of the end-to-end customer journey, and of the interconnectedness of each part of every business with other stakeholders in the value chain.

Advent Insurance Consulting is different. We are experienced insurance practitioners, so we already understand the sector’s business and market challenges. We know the intricacies and complexities of the insurance value chain. Clients do not expend time and money to teach us. Instead our collaborative engagements are quick and sharp, swiftly identifying desired journeys and outcomes before turning our focus to design, development, and implementation of realistic and workable solutions. We review then re-engineer businesses, engaging fully to ensure buy-in.

We deliver cost-effective solutions, not costly reports.The result is a much faster return on investment than traditional consulting and change models.

Advent Consulting Solution’s services for risk carriers, brokers, claims managers, and other in the insurance sector include: